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Orin is on the agronomy team at Fertrell. Specializing in row crops and larger farming ventures on the soils side, he runs a 50-cow organic dairy farm as well.
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Pull Soil Tests This Spring

Why is soil testing so important? There are several key reasons why soil testing is necessary.


It's Cold Out Here… What's Your Soil Life Doing?

It may be cold outside, and at this time of year, the soil temperatures are very frigid if you are a microbe or fungi—but that doesn't mean things aren't getting ready to happen. There are a multitude of factors that influence how active your soil life is over the winter season, and the most important one is cover crops.

Garden Fertility: It’s not too late

By now for most of us it is feeling much like summer with vegetable crops out in the garden and starting to take off. Late spring and early summer are great times to review the fertilization that you did before planting and to make any adjustments. Hopefully you had a soil test and applied necessary amendments prior to planting or at planting; if you didn’t, there is still plenty of time to put down fertilizer.

Learn About: Pyganic 1.4 and 5.0

Starting Organic Hops Production

Hops production is a rapidly growing sector of the organic marketplace; with a great opportunity for profit. Fertrell has a fertility program that if used in conjunction with soil testing and good management will provide good yield and high quality hops cones. We bring this up now to give you plenty of time to plan and ask questions before production starts - Giving you the maximum time possible to get ready to start your own organic hops!

Farm Green Year Round with Cover Crops

What’s the # 1 way to build your soil?

Using kelp to combat plant stress

This year was a stressful year for crops. Between high temperatures and a lot of rain, we saw an increase in the number of farmers calling us for help. Here are some general suggestions.

The Newest Trend: Zeolite

     One of the newest trends in organic agriculture is the use of Zeolite on fields and in fertilizer blends. Previously, we used Greensand in many of our fertilizer blends but the mine closed last year and we have been in search of a good replacement ever since. We turned to Zeolite this past year and we haven’t been disappointed. I’m going to get technical in this next paragraph, but then I’ll get back to layman terms after that.

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