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Fertrell's Green Potash

Green Potash is a Fertrell product containing zeolite and algae potash with an analysis of 0-0-15. The zeolite component has potential to loosen heavy soils and increase water holding capacity. This unique structure of zeolite also enables it to effectively exchange minerals and nutrients. Essentially zeolite has the ability to loosely hold potassium and other nutrients in suspension, which keeps them readily available for plant uptake.

The second component of Fertrell’s Green Potash is algae potash which provides trace minerals and micronutrients, as well as a source of potassium. Potassium is one of the most important nutrients for plant growth. It is part of the base saturation and when amending the soil, the percentage of potassium is balanced based on the type of crop being grown. In addition to providing for overall plant health, potassium plays a major role in the regulation of water uptake and usage in plants, and is known to improve drought resistance. Plant shape, size, color, and taste are improved when adequate potassium is available.

Green Potash, which is an organic component with large amounts of readily available potassium, has several benefits:

  • It provides overall soil conditioning and trace minerals and micronutrients.

  • It has the ability to absorb a large amount of its weight in water, which will lead to less overall watering throughout the growing season.

  • It is good for use in greenhouses and high tunnels where additional potassium is needed, but additional sulfur is undesirable.

  • It can be used in forage fields and pastures with adequate phosphorus levels, to provide the potassium needed for expected yields.

  • It provides a boost of potassium to finish field crops to the plant’s potential output.

  • It is especially useful for large fruiting plants that require adequate potassium to size and finish the crop.

Typical applications rates of Fertrell’s Green Potash are 4–8 lbs. per 1000 sq.ft., 150–300 lbs per acre, or as required per soil test results. Green Potash is a unique fertilizer blend available exclusively at Fertrell in bags (50 lbs.), totes (2000 lbs.), and loose bulk (min. 2000 lbs.). Contact your Fertrell dealer or salesperson to inquire about pricing and delivery.

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