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“How Fertrell Incorporates Zinc, Boron and Sodium Nitrate”

The Fertrell Company follows the National Organic Standards to the letter of the law.   This works being that many of you customers out there are certified organic farmers.  However, we do have many customers that are not certified but still farm in a natural and organic manner.  Therefore, I would like to give a brief explanation of three components of our fertilizer blends to help amend your soils.  This should help with your understanding of why and what we put in our blends. 

                The Zinc and Boron used are considered synthetic materials.  So for certified organic farmers, there must be proof of their deficiency through a soil test in order for them to be used. 

That being said, Fertrell does not always stock Zinc and Boron in all of our fertilizers.  The only stock fertilizer always with Zinc and Boron is our Gold Special Starter (Gold SS) 2-4-2. With two of our more popular blends, Super N 4-2-4 and Super K 3-4-7, we do have that with the added Zinc and Boron available, however that is not standard.  So we have regular Super N and Super K (without the Zn and B added) and we also have it with the Zinc and Boron added if you would prefer.

Those two blends are the only ones that there are stock skids of 50# bags around for.  Therefore, you could order five bags and that would be just fine.  Though, if you wanted any other of our products with additional Zn and B, this would be considered a custom mix.  And any custom mix must be ordered at least one ton at a time.

Next there is the Sodium Nitrate, which is sometimes referred to as Chilean Nitrate.  This is a great Nitrogen source that is a 15-0-2.  This is a product that used to be in several of Fertrell’s stock blends.  That was until the rules for being certified organic started to shift.  Technically, this is still allowed in the U.S.A in certified operations with restrictions.  However, it is not allowed in Canada or Europe in certified operations.  For example, if produce was fertilized with sodium nitrate here in the states, and was shipped across the border to Canada, it would no longer be considered certified organic. 

Being on the safe side of the rules, Fertrell no longer stocks it in everything.  It is still available just like the Zinc and Boron.  If you do want the Sodium Nitrate, it is available in 50# bags as an amendment.  And if you’d like it in a custom blend fertilizer that can absolutely be done, as long as it is an order of one ton or more.

I hope that this gives you a better explanation of these three fertilizer components and how Fertrell incorporates them.  If you, as a customer, want these in your blends you just have to ask!

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