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RC Gold and Why!

   RC Gold 4X is the cornerstone of the Fertrell’s dairy nutrition program. It came about 13 years ago. When fuel prices were astronomical and the cost of shipping products became way too expensive. At the same time milk prices were depressed. The farmer’s woes were coming from 2 sides fuel price up and milk prices down. This economic storm was the trigger for developing RC Gold 4X.

   What we did was concentrate the most important nutritional components of the previous cornerstone product Rumi-Cult 40. Rumi-Cult 40 was short for - Ruminant Cultures Fortified. A little history on this product, Rumi-Cult 40 was developed in the mid 70’s by Fertrell, Merlin Engstrom and Robert Patton, PhD dairy nutrition. Rumi-Cult 40 was a first of its kind product to incorporate beneficial rumen bacteria(probiotics) for better overall nutrient and fiber digestion, high vitamin levels for immune system support, chelated trace mineral for blood building, methionine for improved reproduction performance and fermented lactobacillus and yeast digestive aid and appetite stimulant.  Wow, that’s a lot! Yes, it was. Rumi-Cult 40 was one of the most special dairy supplements ever made. I cannot tell you how many cows that were near dead or the beef truck was on the way that turned around and were kept alive with Rumi-Cult 40. It has some smell that an animal off feed would still eat it and get the gut started again. 

   Anyway, enough history. RC Gold 4X is the offshoot of Rumi-Cult 40.

Now the probiotics, vitamins and trace minerals are 4 times higher. The feeding rate went from 4 oz. to 1 oz. per head per day for full size bovine.  Since 2007 farmers have been relying on RC Gold 4X to provide extra nutrition and support to dairy cattle for support. When times of stress are bringing the cattle’s immune system down the RC Gold goes up. It has been counted on for years to boost and support the cow’s immune system. If the cow is healthy, she will breed better, fight off somatic cell counts, and overall be able to handle more stress.

   Over the years we at Fertrell have learned that RC Gold helps more animals than just cattle. We now include it in our swine rations for better feed conversions, faster growth and better overall health. Well, if it works for pigs, why not chickens? The equine folks think it’s magical. Horses really get excited when given RC Gold. But please be careful. It will cause hyper symptoms or over energetic. Quite frequently we get reports of horses being hard to hold in the reigns or just too energetic. Then people or horses get hurt trying to hold them.   Again, it is a great stress management tool, promotes better vigor and performance. We have even had a few customers report sprinkling it on their breakfast for a boost. I am not sure I would recommend that. Mostly since the RC Gold is not an FDA approved supplement for humans. But I can’t see how it would hurt anything.

  RC Gold 4X is just one of those products that give a boost or support to just any animal on the farm. Be careful a little is good but a lot is not!

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