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Spring Swine

Pigs are usually pretty “Bullet Proof” when raising them. The concerns with pig and the spring season are cold wet ground and increased parasite activity. Both of these can be managed by keeping the pigs moving on fresh ground regularly.

The cold ground will draw down body temperature. If you can’t keep them moving please be sure keep them bedded well. Nice deep bedding will keep them insulated from the cold ground. Cold ground is more of a problem for immature swine. Pigs under 150 lbs will lose more body temperature. They haven’t layered on body fat yet. Body fat would act as an insulator keeping them warm and reducing body temperature losses. Parasites are most active during the soil temperatures between 50 – 60 degrees. Keeping the pigs moving will reduce them from eating too close to the ground. This will minimize the risk of parasite infections.

Keep them moving!

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Alyssa saying hello to the pigs at White Oak Pastures this fall. Unfortunately travel restrictions have not allowed us to visit farms with pigs this spring.

Our production facility is currently operating. We are shipping fertilizers, soil amendments, and animal nutrition products daily to support farmers and home gardeners. Visit us at www.fertrell.com.

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