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Getting Started with Soil Blocking

Soil blocking is a method of starting and transplanting seedlings that minimizes root system disturbance. Soil blocks are made by compressing soil into small cubes that are able to hold together without any sort of container. Seeds can be started in small blocks then easily inserted into progressively larger blocks until they are ready to go directly into the ground.

“How Fertrell Incorporates Zinc, Boron and Sodium Nitrate”

The Fertrell Company follows the National Organic Standards to the letter of the law.   This works being that many of you customers out there are certified organic farmers.  However, we do have many customers that are not certified but still farm in a natural and organic manner.  Therefore, I would like to give a brief explanation of three components of our fertilizer blends to help amend your soils.  This should help with your understanding of why and what we put in our blends. 

The Newest Trend: Zeolite

     One of the newest trends in organic agriculture is the use of Zeolite on fields and in fertilizer blends. Previously, we used Greensand in many of our fertilizer blends but the mine closed last year and we have been in search of a good replacement ever since. We turned to Zeolite this past year and we haven’t been disappointed. I’m going to get technical in this next paragraph, but then I’ll get back to layman terms after that.

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