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Water Soluble Nutri-Sil

Water Soluble Nutri-Sil

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Water Soluble Nutri-Sil

Nutri-Sil decreases the pH rapidly to begin the fermentation process for good quality stored silages and baled forages. The lactic acid bacterium begins the fermentation process, helping the forages to retain more moisture, protein, and energy value. Using water soluble Nutri-Sil will help with the palatability and the digestibility of the silage and baled forages. Water soluble Nutri-Sil has the same bacteria that our trusted Nutri-Sil has, which has been approved for organic production for over 20 years. One package will treat 100 tons of product.


Dissolve contents of packet (500g) in 100 quarts (25 gallons) of cool, clean water. Spray mixture uniformly over silage at the rate of one quart per ton of silage, giving you an application rate of 5g per ton of forage. Use mixture within twelve hours for best results.


Package -  500 grams

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