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Soil Plant Enhancer (SPE-120)

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Soil Plant Enhancer (SPE-120)

Soil Plant Enhancer (SPE-120) contains Beauveria bassiana, a natural symbiotic fungus that grows with your plants. SPE uses this natural fungi to defend roots, stems, and leaves from pathogens and insects. Apply the full rate the first year and you only need to apply half the rate the following years because you're just boosting the plants- A great investment to ensure plant protection! Available in a dry or a liquid format.

Dry - Inoculate both product or field crop seeds before planting

Liquid - Apply in a seed trench at planting mixed with liquid starter;
              Apply as a transplant drench on seedlings before setting out in field or high                        tunnel/green house;
              Apply through drip irrigation directly to root zone


Dry - 8 oz. container; Apply 2 oz/acre

Liquid - 6 oz. bottle; Apply 1 oz/acre


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