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Potassium: Produce Productivity

Essential Macronutrient

Split Fertilizer Application

Preparation for the upcoming season for fertilizer application is especially important when planning to apply multiple times throughout the year. At Fertrell, a frequent practice for the agronomy team to recommend is the Berry and Tree Care Programs as well as when growing large fruiting vegetables. Plants have different nutritional requirements during the growing season and elements have different benefits to the plants depending on the time of year.

Phosphorus Management

The “P” in NPK, phosphorus is an essential macronutrient. Some are concerned it is a problem that needs to be managed, and others say it is so deficient due to its varying bioavailability. First, I will discuss why it is essential, then the problems that can be caused in excess, and finally the opportunities to manage this essential macronutrient.

Testing for Improvements

Depending on the season, nutrients may have varying availability to plants within the soil column. Typically, during the winter months, nutrients immobilize, and plants go dormant, driving carbohydrates and nutrients back into the roots.

Calcium for Blueberries

Calcium is a required macronutrient for all plants. The twentieth element on the periodic table is necessary for cell wall development, root growth, cell division, and cell communication. The roots take calcium up through the xylem where it is distributed through the plant at an optimal pH of 7-8.5. So how can the plant meet its calcium need while requiring a low soil pH?

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