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For over 30 years, Fertrell's Cattle Choice has been our customers' first choice for wintertime-free choice minerals. Cattle Choice contains 15% calcium – 12% phosphorus, plus trace minerals and direct-fed microbials. Cattle Choice is specifically designed to balance the macro and micro mineral requirements of today's high-performance dairy and beef cattle. Cattle choice is well suited when feeding mixtures of corn silage, grass hay and legume forages. A great opportunity for your cattle to supplement their diets with precisely what they need when they need it!


Cattle Choice averages daily consumption of 2 - 4 oz. per animal, per day, depending on the size and quality of forages being fed.

Consult your local Fertrell dealer for more information about feeding Cattle Choice.

Caution: Cattle Choice does contain copper and should NOT be fed to sheep.

"We feed Fertrell's Cattle Choice to our dry cow and our milk fever cases, and D. As have been reduced to almost nothing"- A satisfied customer.

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