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Fertrell No-Soy Protein Crumbles

What are Non-Soy Protein Crumbles, and why would you need them? Here at Fertrell, we receive more and more requests for non-soy poultry and swine rations. Many of you would probably ask, “Why?”

Soybeans have gotten a lot of bad press in recent years. They have been put on the list with so many other things that are blamed for causing cancer. In this case, it is breast cancer. This is the main reason for these requests. Many consumers are adamant about eating foods that have not been fed soybeans.

Soybeans are a beneficial ingredient in poultry and swine rations. They are not only great protein sources, but they have a very high energy value as well as amino acids like lysine & methionine. We haven’t been able to replace them with a single ingredient. Field peas are the first ingredient that we add. It has decent protein and energy, but it is limited in amino acids. It is also lacking in fat.

Now we need to look for other protein sources that fill some of those other gaps. Fish meal is a great addition. It is very high in protein, and it is an excellent source of amino acids. But hold on there, if used at too high of a level, it causes fishy tasting eggs, chicken, and pork chops. It must be limited to about 5 to 7 ½% of the total diet. Okay, where do we turn now?

Well, sesame meal is another excellent protein source, and it has very good energy and amino acid levels. Why not just use this? Well, the fiber is high as well as the sodium,
and in addition, if too much is used, we have feed refusal by the animals. How about linseed (flax) meal? Flax meal is a good protein source and has good amino acids, but the energy level is a bit low. And by the way, too much can make things smell and taste like paint. We’re still not balanced. What’s left to add?

How about crab meal? Crab meal is an excellent protein source and it is high in amino acids. Sounds great! Oh, but what about the possibility of too much sodium as well as one of the lowest energy levels of ingredients that we use? As you can see, this is a challenge to create a balanced ration. And to balance it properly, you now need means to store 5 ingredients instead of 1.

We are all very fortunate to have Jeff Mattocks here! Jeff decided a few years ago to develop a single blend that would almost directly replace roasted soybeans. Jeff’s time and work on this situation over the past few years has yielded the answer. Using a blend of field peas, linseed (fax) meal, sesame meal, fish meal, and crab meal, Fertrell is now offering the Non-Soy Protein Crumbles in both non GMO & certified organic to great results. They are available in 50 lb bags or 2000 lb totes.

In addition to addressing the needs of our production farmers, the development of the
Non Soy Protein Crumbles has enabled us to develop our new “Homeowner Blends”. These are premixed protein and mineral blends that just need corn or wheat added to feed your backyard chickens. Mixing directions are right on the label. Layer and broiler blends are available in 25 lb bags and can now be purchased on our website or through your local distributor. Please contact the Animal Nutrition team or your local distributor to see if they fit your situation.

Jeff Pennay
Written by Jeff Pennay

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