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Did you know that Fertrell carries both non-GMO and certified organic liquid molasses? We have convenient 1 or 2.5-gallon containers available for all classes of livestock.

For our swine and poultry customers, molasses can help make the feed more attractive to your animals. Molasses used during and after handling or transporting poultry and swine will enable them to find feed sooner after relocating. This will reduce the overall stress from the move.

Your sheep, goats, and cows will get a quick, highly digestible energy source that will feed the rumen microbes, resulting in increased production.

Using molasses for ruminants is most effective when allowed to soak into forages for several hours prior to feeding.

For other helpful tips on the best use of molasses for your animal, reach out to one of our Animal Nutrition Consultants to help with your feeding plan. Molasses can be incorporated into rations for a variety of reasons!

Rachel Teller
Written by Rachel Teller

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