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When you plant seeds, one of the first important steps is when the tiny plants start poking out of the soil we call this seedling emergence. During this early stage, it's crucial to have the right balance of nutrients. Nitrogen helps make leaves green, phosphorus helps roots grow strong, and potassium is like a boost for the entire plant. What's cool about organic fertilizers is that they release these nutrients slowly, so the plants don't get too much at once.

Using potting soil with organic fertilizer is like giving these young plants a shot of colostrum. The nutrients in organic fertilizers help the seedlings grow strong. The organic material in the fertilizer also makes the soil a comfy home for the new plants. It holds onto water, making sure the soil stays just right for the baby roots to grow. This means the plants are less likely to get stressed out by things like transplanting. As the seedlings grow into bigger plants, they keep getting the nutrients they need from the organic fertilizer, making them strong and healthy.

Using the right blend of nutrients in the beginning plant stages is crucial to success. We have been blending our organic fertilizer into potting soil for quite a while now. It has the right balance of nutrients that will help yield abundant and resilient crops.

If you haven’t tried it out, we suggest you try a bag and see the results for yourself. One 2.8 cu. ft. loose filled bag will fill 33 (50-cell) flats.

Brandon Williamson
Written by Brandon Williamson

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