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Pull Soil Tests This Spring

Why is soil testing so important? There are several key reasons why soil testing is necessary.soilprobe2


  1. Well fertilized soils will produce more nutrient dens crops and higher yields.
  2. Balanced soils will have less weeds.
  3. Soil testing allows us to know which nutrients you need so they can be applied properly.
  4. Organic certification requires a soil test for application of micro-nutrients (Boron, Zinc etc.)
  5. Prevent deficiencies before they cost you $ on your crops.

Fall is a great time to soil test your fields, but if you didn’t get it done…. Pull samples this spring.

By pulling samples in a timely manner, Fertrell can make fertilizer recommendations that will work with your other inputs (Manure etc.) to formulate a total plan for your crops. When you work with us to put together a total fertilization plan, your crops will benefit by having all the necessary nutrients they need to reach maximum potential.


When we review your soil tests it will also allow us to make custom fertilizers if that is what is needed. This allows you to save money by not spending on nutrients you don’t need. Applying nutrients in needed amounts will give you a more balanced soil; Balanced soils will typically have much less weed pressure and support better crop growth.

Contact your local Fertrell representative or the main office to ask about getting soil kits.  Call 800-367-1566 or fill out our form online. https://www.fertrell.com/contact-us



Orin Moyer
Written by Orin Moyer

Orin is on the agronomy team at Fertrell. Specializing in row crops and larger farming ventures on the soils side, he runs a 50-cow organic dairy farm as well.

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