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Starting Organic Hops Production

Hops production is a rapidly growing sector of the organic marketplace; with a great opportunity for profit. Fertrell has a fertility program that if used in conjunction with soil testing and good management will provide good yield and high quality hops cones. We bring this up now to give you plenty of time to plan and ask questions before production starts - Giving you the maximum time possible to get ready to start your own organic hops!

The following is the program and products we would recommend for growing organic hops. Have questions? Comment them below or send us an email at agronomy@fertrell.com.


Super N 4-2-4 w/ Zinc & Boron (Apply end of May – Early June) 

  • Hops require N-P-K in a 2-1-2 ratio. Super N provides this in a time released formula.

  • Hops also need adequate supply of Zinc and Boron to meet plant needs (must have a soil test)

Fertrell can also Custom Blend fertilizers based on your soil tests

Liquid Kelp - Foliar Feed at (3-4 qts/ Ac)

  • Liquid kelp helps to repel insects and improve plant health as well as contribute growth inhibitors, cytokines, and auxins.

Insect Control

Pyganic  5.0

  • Aphids and most soft bodied insects. (0.5-1.0oz/ gal water)

Milky spore

  • Japanese Beetle control (follow label instructions)


Disease Control


  • Improves plant health and lowers pH on leaf surface to combat disease (1/4 oz/ gal water)


  • Stimulates plant immune system to be on the defense and increase plants ability to fight off diseases. Great for prevention. (2-4 qts/Ac )
Orin Moyer
Written by Orin Moyer

Orin is on the agronomy team at Fertrell. Specializing in row crops and larger farming ventures on the soils side, he runs a 50-cow organic dairy farm as well.

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