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Using kelp to combat plant stress

This year was a stressful year for crops. Between high temperatures and a lot of rain, we saw an increase in the number of farmers calling us for help. Here are some general suggestions.

When growing corn in a grain rotation where root worms or corn borer can be problematic applying kelp in the row through the insecticide hoppers can greatly reduce the issue. Typical application rates would be as follows. Rates are the same with a cover crop over winter.

1st year corn = 10#/ Ac

2nd year corn = 15#/ Ac

3rd year corn = 25#/ Ac


Also since Fertrell’s Liquid Kelp has been changed from our old 10% solids to our new concentrate we have been getting a lot of questions regarding rates. We recommend using Fertrell Liquid Kelp to help with any type of stress in plants. Rates would be as follows

2-4 pints/ Acre for Field Crops

4-6 pints/ Acre for Veg. if applied in Drip Lines

1/3-1/2 oz (1-2 tsp)/ gal of water if foliar feeding

The new Liquid Kelp formula is comprised of a highly filtered kelp extract which concentrates the many benefits of kelp. Some of which include:

  • Improve Stress Tolerance to:
      - High temperatures (heat)
      - Drought
      - Diseases
    • Delay Plant Decline
    • Improve Plant Health And Vigor
    • Increase Cell Wall Strength
    • Increase Root Mass
    • Increase Chlorophyll Content
    • Improve Photosynthetic Efficiency
    • Increase Antioxidant Levels

Adding kelp to a foliar feeding program and applying it at planting or in drip lines can add many benefits to your crops overall health and production. If you have specific questions about using both dry and liquid kelp for your farm. Contact us!

Orin Moyer
Written by Orin Moyer

Orin is on the agronomy team at Fertrell. Specializing in row crops and larger farming ventures on the soils side, he runs a 50-cow organic dairy farm as well.

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