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Custom Blend Fertilizer

Fertrell cares about the health of your soils and the crops you are producing. Our agronomists are available to interpret your soil tests, help with crop rotations, identify areas for improvement on your farm, and provide required soil fertility recommendations. One way Fertrell can address this is by custom blending fertilizers to match soil tests and an individual farm’s needs. Some important points to remember:

• Minimum order of 1 ton or 2000 lb required for custom blends

•There is NO extra cost for custom blending fertilizer

•Custom made fertilizer can be put into 50 lb bags or 2000 lb totes (minimum order 1 ton)

•Made specifically for your fields requirements

•Addition of micro-nutrients available

This is a service that Fertrell offers as a benefit to you and your farm. Please contact your Fertrell Representative to discuss this option or fill out our Soil Test Submission Form. 

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