Soil Products

Pest and Insect Products

Fertrell offers a variety of organically-approved herbicides, fungicides, and insecticide to meet your needs. Have questions about which products will work best in your situation? Contact our Agronomy Department today.

200 Grain White Vinegar (Herbicide)

Used as a natural and organic control of broad-leaf weeds. Vinegar is most effective when sprayed on target weeds during the hottest part of the day while they are in direct sunlight.

Jug -  1 gal;   2.5 gal;   55 gallon

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Natures Avenger

Nature's Avenger (Herbicide)

This natural, citrus oil based herbicide is designed to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses looking for an alternative to synthetic herbicides.

Plastic Jug -  2.5 gallon

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Tomato- Copper Sulfate

Copper Sulfate (25% Cu) (Fungicide)

Copper sulfate is useful as a fungicide. It can be mixed with lime or used as a single ingredient. Water soluble.

Paper Bag -  50 lb

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Corn- Oxidate

OxiDate (Fungicide)

OxiDate kills a wide variety of harmful fungi and bacteria using state-of-the-art peroxygen technology that rapidly oxidizes on contact, protecting crops from disease-causing pathogens.

Plastic Jug -  2.5 gallon

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Strawberries- Regalia

Regalia (Bacteriacide)

Active against Soilborne and other pathogens that triggers a plant’s natural defenses to protect against a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases. Designed for field and greenhouse applications.

Plastic Jug -  2.5 gallon

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Peppers Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth (Insecticide)

Diatomaceous Earth is an abrasive powder made from the mineral remains of single cell aquatic plants.

Paper Bag -  2 lb;   50 lb


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Grandevo (Bio-Insecticide)

A bio-insecticide that is effective on chewing and sucking insects and mites. Multiple modes of action while being safe for beneficials.

Paper Bag -  5 lb

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Majestene (Nematicide/Insecticide)

Majestene is a species-selective bionematicide with activity against eggs, juveniles and adult lesion, root knot, dagger, stunt, reniform and soybean cyst nematodes.

Jug - 2.5 gallon

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Vegetables- Pure Spray Green

Pure Spray Green (Insecticide)

It quickly removes harmful insects, insect eggs, and pathogens, and at the same time is mild on beneficial insects.

Plastic Jug -  2.5 gallon

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Strawberries- Pyganic

Pyganic (Insecticide)

PyGanic Crop Protection was specially developed for Producers of Certified Organic Crops, providing immediate control of more than 40 insects, on over 200 crops.

5.0 Concentration -  Plastic Jug -  1 gallon
1.4 Concentration -  Plastic Jug -  1 qt

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Stargus (Bio-Insecticide)

A Biofungicide that offers growers a sustainable mode of action to control Downy Mildew and Early and Late Blight.

Jug - 2.5 gallon

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Apple Tree- Surround WP

Surround WP (Insecticide)

After Surround is sprayed on the plants, it safeguards fruit and foliage against many harmful insects, sunburn damage and heat stress.

Bag -  25 lb

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Venerate XC

Venerate XC (Insecticide)

A bio-insecticide that is effective on chewing and sucking insects such as thrips, aphids, leafhoopers, BM stinkbugs and more. 

Plastic Jug -  1 gallon;  2.5 gallons

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Nu Film® P

Nu Film® P

Nu Film® P is a surfactant additive (adjuvant) used to increase a foliar application's efficacy and decrease the effects of rain and UV light.

Jug - 1 gallon

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