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Premium Potting Soil

Premium Potting Soil is blended in accordance with the national organics program using only the best ingredients. The potting soil has nutrients added to aid in quick uniform and vigorous germination of seeds. Our potting soil has enough nutrients added to the blend to grow the plants to a transplantable size. The excellent water retention ability of our potting soil means less water is needed. This blend will support the plants immune system for a healthier transplant. Aragonite has been added to the mix to encourage better utilization of the nutrients in the blend. Aragonite is a sea calcium blend that is much more bio available than rock lime. Whether you are growing plants from seed, plugs or you are raising perennials and shrubs you will not be disappointed in this potting soil. One 2.8 cu. ft. loose filled bag will fill 33 (50-cell) flats.
This product is only seasonally available.


Bag -  2.8 cu ft

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