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Fly Aside

Fly Aside Dry is intended for use with all ruminants, not just cattle. Sulfur is an essential element that is key in forming amino acids such as methionine and cystine. Sulfur has also shown to aid cattle in the utilization of non-protein nitrogen found in lush early growth grasses. Sulfur is also beneficial for fly control. It may take a couple weeks for the sulfur levels to build up in the animal. Works for large ruminants, small ruminants, and horses.

Available in 50 lb bags

Fly Aside Liquid is a unique blend of ingredients including essential oils combined to make a fly spray concentrate. Mix 8 oz of Fly Aside into 120 oz of warm water to make 1 gallon of fly spray. This can be applied liberally as needed.

Available in quarts and gallons


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