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Horse Power

Horse Nutri-Balancer & Horse Power

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Horse Nutri-Balancer & Horse Power

Horse Nutri-Balancer

Horse Nutri-Balancer is formulated to supplement a complete feed for additional vitamins, minerals, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Feed at the rate of two ounces per head per day to all horses over 400 pounds; under 400 pounds, one ounce. Do not exceed 4 ounces per head per day so as not to exceed the maximum.

Paper Bag -  10 lb.


Horse Power

The Horse Power is a complete vitamin/mineral premix with probiotics and digestive enzymes to enhance digestion and help improve performance while promoting muscle development which promotes strength, stamina and muscle tone. Add to grains for a complete horse feed. Each measure holds one ounce.

Paper Bag -  50 lb.


Our customers also recommend Redmond Salt Rocks and Thorvin or Fertrell North Atlantic Kelp Meal. 



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