Animal Nutrition Products

Poultry Grit

All poultry have a gizzard that needs to be filled with grit in order to properly break down fiber and pasture. Our granite grit comes from Gran-I-Grit in North Carolina and is broken into various sizes depending on the age of your birds. You can mix grit into a feed ration at 25 lb/ton, top dress it, or make it available free choice.

Bag -  50 lb.

5 Sizes Available (Chick Starter; Broiler Grower; Developer-Layer; Turkey Grower; Turkey Finisher)


Feeding Suggestions:

Chick Starter: 
     -Broilers Weeks 1-2
     -Layers Weeks 1-2
     -Turkeys Weeks 1-2

Broiler Grower:
     -Broilers Weeks 3-Finish
     -Layers Weeks 3-7
     -Turkeys Weeks 3-6

     -Layers Weeks 8- Finish
     -Turkeys Weeks 7-9

Turkey Grower:
     -Turkeys Weeks 10-12

Turkey Finisher:
     -Turkeys Weeks 13-Finish

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