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Poultry Nutri-Balancer & Poultry Booster Pack

Poultry Nutri-Balancer
Poultry Nutri-Balancer is made with specialty products created exclusively for Fertrell. As a complete vitamin and mineral supplement, your poultry will thrive on our Poultry Nutri-Balancer. That is why we confidently stand behind the quality of our premier poultry vitamin-mineral supplement. While there are many look-alike products, none can measure up to the original Fertrell Poultry Nutri-Balancer. Poultry Nutri-Balancer can be used for all species of poultry (broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks, guineas, etc), ages and stages of production.

Paper Bag - 60 lb     BUY ONLINE


Poultry Nutri-Balancer- No Methionine
Our original Poultry Nutri-Balancer (PNB) meets the NOP requirements for methionine, but we do have a no methionine formula available for those interested. This is a custom order and a 40 bag minimum is required. Please note that you will need to contact us to alter our suggested rations with the PNB No Methionine because your rations will be deficient in this important amino acid otherwise.

Paper Bag - 60 lb.


Poultry Booster Pack
Poultry Booster Pack is a blend of vitamins and direct-fed microbials specifically designed to refresh aged or held-over Poultry Nutri-Balancer (PNB). Fertrell guarantees its vitamins for six months of normal storage (out of sunlight and dry). Vitamin potency will naturally decrease by 25% after six months of normal storage. Please note: Poultry Booster Pack does not replace the much needed calcium, phosphorus, kelp meal, salt and other essential micro nutrient that Poultry Nutri-Balancer contains. It is only to be used to refresh expired PNB.

Paper Bag - 3.5 lb.


Poultry Show and Breeder Supplement
Poultry Show and Breeder is a supplement high in vitamins and essential amino acids for fertility, egg quality, hatchability, and feather quality. This is intended for breeder flocks and show poultry. Breeder flocks have higher amino acids and vitamin requirements. Show poultry have higher amino acid requirements to improve feathering and plumage.

Foil Bag 10 lb. and 40 lb.     BUY ONLINE
Feeding Instructions:
1 teaspoon per adult breeding poultry per day
½ teaspoon per adult show poultry per day
1 teaspoon per 25 chicks


Turkey Booster

Fertrell is proud to introduce our newest product to assist you in your turkey operation, the Turkey Booster! This product is meant to supplement the Poultry Nutri-Balancer for a more personalized ration for your turkeys having a higher vitamin and mineral content to meet the needs of your turkeys for optimum growth and development.

Paper Bag 25 lb.

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