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Super 3-2-3

Super 3-2-3 is suited for most plant food applications. It is particularly well formulated for gardens and is very effective for spring plantings. Recommended in row for sowing seeds as well as a side dress on growing plants. Side dressing may be done at the time of planting. Super 3-2-3 will be available throughout the growing season. It will not leach away.

Lawns: As a general purpose fertilizer, it is able to activate the microbial life in the soil which aids in thatch reduction. It adds important nutrients for strong root growth. It gives steady and long term nutrition to the soil and plants which results in strong soil and plant structure which is able to be resilient to adverse conditions — drought, heavy clay area, etc.


Bag -  10 lb, 25 lb;  50 lb
Tote -  2000 lb


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