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Zeolite’s high CEC (cation exchange capacity) allows for absorption of cations (Ca, K, N, Mg, etc.) and holds them in plant-available form. Zeolite can hold up to 55% of its weight in water. Typically, where zeolite has been applied, crops will require up to 35% less water. Zeolite has the ability to loosen heavy clay soils and retain nutrients and moisture in light sandy soils. Zeolite helps prevent compaction, increases water/nutrient infiltration and increases aeration. Zeolite absorbs ammonia very well from manure applications and works well for odor control of ammonia if mixed with manure.

– Addition to manure pits
– Addition to compost piles
– Direct application to fields
– Blended with fertilizers
– Use in potting mixes or gardens

Bag -  10 lb;  50 lb
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