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Starting Organic Hops Production

Hops production is a rapidly growing sector of the organic marketplace; with a great opportunity for profit. Fertrell has a fertility program that if used in conjunction with soil testing and good management will provide good yield and high quality hops cones. We bring this up now to give you plenty of time to plan and ask questions before production starts - Giving you the maximum time possible to get ready to start your own organic hops!

Farm Green Year Round with Cover Crops

What’s the # 1 way to build your soil?

The Newest Trend: Zeolite

     One of the newest trends in organic agriculture is the use of Zeolite on fields and in fertilizer blends. Previously, we used Greensand in many of our fertilizer blends but the mine closed last year and we have been in search of a good replacement ever since. We turned to Zeolite this past year and we haven’t been disappointed. I’m going to get technical in this next paragraph, but then I’ll get back to layman terms after that.

Forgotten Benefits of a Grazing Operation

There are many benefits to having a grazing operation within any livestock situation.  Most specifically, when livestock are grazing they are in their most natural state.  That is to say that if these animals were completely left to themselves, they would graze any available pastures because that is how they were born to act.   Basically, grazing is exactly what livestock want to be doing, compared to being in the barn.

Manure: Can You Afford It?

Manure is generally considered affordable and if you are a dairy, poultry, or hog farmer, you have lots of it and want to use it. Even if you don't have your own livestock, producing a ready supply of manure, most farmers use it on their fields. Applying manure to your fields is part of maintaining good soil fertility because it contains nutrients, builds organic matter, and inoculates the soil with biology. This is one component of a typical sustainable soil management practice, but when farmers try to use manure alone, in place of fertilizers and soil amendments, growing goals and expectations are not met. The primary reason for this disappointment is that manure doesn’t provide all that your soil needs to produce nutrient dense crops. Additionally, using manure can increase weed pressure and contain unwanted residues.

Fertrell's Organic Tobacco Program

Organic tobacco is one of an organic farm's most valuable cash crops per acre. While it can take a lot of time and effort to grow organic tobacco successfully, we are here to help make it a little easier. In order to do this, we created an Organic Tobacco Program. This program will help fertilize your organic tobacco crops as well as provide them with disease and insect control. 

Why Potassium is a MUST for Organic Produce (and how to use it)

Fertrell offers a product called Sulfate of Potash (0-0-52), mostly referred to as S.O.P.  Many of you may know this. Or maybe many of you have seen this on your Fertrell soil recommendations.  But I have been seeing lately that many seasoned produce farmers do not know of this product. ALL ORGANIC PRODUCE GROWERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT SULFATE OF POTASH!!!!!  All larger fruiting crops will benefit from additional potassium throughout the season!!!!!

What to Remember with Fall Soil Testing

August means it's almost time for fall soil testing!

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